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Everyone wants to make the world a better place but most of us don’t have a clue where to start. Tandempark makes it easy to discover amazing volunteer opportunities so you can help build a strong, vibrant, connected community.

“Tandempark’s easy to use platform makes it easy for me to find meaningful volunteer opportunities I can get excited about. They’ve connected me to volunteer experiences I’ve loved – and saved me the time trying to find them!”

- Amy M., Tandempark Volunteer

Tell us what you’re passionate about and let us help you get involved.

Love the arts and culture? Got a thing for festivals or sporting events? Maybe you’re tired of the social injustices you see around you. Either way, we’re building a community where those programs and projects are in one place. From grassroot community gardens to city-wide festivals and events, Tandempark brings those opportunities together so you don’t miss out.


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way more than a list of opportunities.

We’ve designed Tandempark to provide a volunteer network that goes beyond what you’ve come to expect for community involvement. Our platform gives communities an infrastructure that makes it easy for you to learn about and join new initiatives, while helping organizations run effective, sustainable programming.

“A system like Tandempark is valuable because it connects people and organizations already doing great work in the city. We see Tandempark being a key player in engaging volunteers and building capacity in our community.”

Jenna Zardo, Coordinator, Urban Pantry

Our team is passionate about volunteering and believe in our ability to do amazing things when we work together for a cause we are passionate about. Thanks to the support and direction of countless volunteers, administrators, municipal leaders, and industry professionals, we continue to make it our primary mission to build a platform that overcomes the challenges the volunteer sector faces.

Discover how we’re helping volunteers connect and engage in their community.

What makes Tandempark so different?

Tandempark is the first civic engagement infrastructure of its kind that helps bring the entire volunteer sector together, bridging the gap between good intentions and great impact. It’s helping connect people to volunteer opportunities, increasing sustainability and capacity for nonprofits, and reducing social isolation within communities.

Volunteer activities that matter.

We know how hard it is to find volunteer opportunities we can get excited about. In fact that was the problem Tandempark aimed to solve: “How can I find volunteer activities near me that are meaningful and relevant to me?” To answer that question, we thoughtfully designed our platform around three important assumptions:

  1. Engagement and management are inseparable parts of the volunteer process;
  2. Silo solutions are making it even harder for volunteerism to thrive; and
  3. Technology’s true potential is vastly untapped in volunteer management.

By recognizing and honouring these core truths, we can help you find volunteer activities near you and simplify how you get involved in them.

On a mission to serve.

Tandempark was founded in 2015 by Liam Squires with the intention of helping connect volunteers to opportunities based on their interests and skills. With a history of volunteer experiences and a knack for solving problems, he laid the conceptual foundation for the platform.

Fast forward to today and the platform has helped people in Barrie, Midland, and other communities in Simcoe County discover volunteer opportunities they can be a part of. Thousands of hours are logged each year as people continue to give their time to the causes they care about. From high school students and youth, to the recently (and not-so-recently) retired, Tandempark is providing a platform where everyone can turn to when they’re ready to volunteer.

So whether you’re desperately seeking a way to make a meaningful difference, or you just came here because you need volunteer hours to graduate, you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do now is sign up!

Award winning innovation

winner | 2018 | Mayor’s Innovation Awards

winner | 2018 | Mayor’s Innovation Awards

winner | 2018 | Mayor’s Innovation Awards

finalist | 2018 | Barrie Business Awards

finalist | 2018 | Barrie Business Awards

recipient | 2017 | Ontario Centres of Excellence

winner | 2016 | smOffice Contest

winner | 2015 | Exc!te Week