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We're changing the way you change the world

Tandempark is a civic engagement platform that is designed to help people work together to build strong, vibrant, connected communities. Our solution helps organizations build, manage, and lead their volunteers, helps people get connected and involved in their community, and helps cities measure, track, and celebrate their local civic engagement.

It's more than a volunteer centre. It's more than volunteer management. It's both. And it's better.

Founded in 2015, our online community has grown significantly and is recognized as an innovator in our industry. Unlike any other platform available, we’ve artfully blended technology and community to make this happen and we’re seeing volunteer landscape transform because of it. Now, Tandempark is helping cities implement a civic engagement infrastructure to help bring volunteers, organizations, businesses, and schools together and bring about sustainable impact and change.

What does that all mean?

  • We help people overcome the challenges that prevent community engagement.
  • We help organizations build and manage sustainable and effective volunteer programs and initiatives.
  • We help cities get their real first glimpse into what civic engagement looks like in their community.


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Media Inquiries

Please direct all media inquiries to:
Liam Squires
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Awards and Recognition

winner | 2018 | Mayor’s Innovation Awards

winner | 2018 | Mayor’s Innovation Awards

winner | 2018 | Mayor’s Innovation Awards

finalist | 2018 | Barrie Business Awards

finalist | 2018 | Barrie Business Awards

recipient | 2017 | Ontario Centres of Excellence

winner | 2016 | smOffice Contest

winner | 2015 | Exc!te Week


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