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The first civic engagement platform that supports organizers and connects community.

Volunteers are pretty vital to your community, right?

When you consider the role they play in the festivals, events, outreach and services that your citizens enjoy and rely on, it would be hard to imagine a community surviving without the time they donate throughout the year.

Well, just like your roadways provide the infrastructure to move vehicles, Tandempark provides an infrastructure that helps entire communities come together around volunteerism, creating sustainability for capacity for your event and nonprofit organizers, make it easier for people to discover and engage in those opportunities, and turn that all into rich engagement data, so your city can measure, track, and celebrate volunteerism and how it is transforming your community.

Bridging the gap between recruiting and managing.

Bringing people and projects together.

Your community holds dozens, maybe hundreds of events and programs every year, each involving an array of organizations who rely on masses of volunteers. With concerns over burnout, disengagement, and an aging volunteer core on the rise, it’s right to wonder how much longer these initiatives can survive. By adopting a community-wide volunteer engagement strategy, you address these concerns head on. Integrating Tandempark into your community engagement strategy strengthens nonprofits and festival organizers, integrates longstanding residents and newcomers alike, and makes it easier for volunteers of all ages to discover and engage in meaningful, rewarding opportunities they’ll enjoy.

  • Deliver cost efficiencies for all your community event and program management

  • Save time and simplify your reporting process,

  • Improve your project management and administrative duties

  • Amalgamate all of your volunteer data across dozens of events and programs under one umbrella

  • Attract greater citizen involvement for your events and programs

  • Provide a centralized location for all your residents to find event listings and partner agencies

This is no ordinary volunteer management software.

This is no ordinary volunteer management software.

Tandempark is fundamentally different because our perspective is so unique. Rather than create yet another ‘silo solution’ that solves the needs of the few, our solution looks at the macro-level issues and addresses them at an ecosystem-level, making the core functionality the epicentre for our volunteer network, an innovative shift in how the volunteer landscape interacts.

““Tandempark has disrupted our traditional views of how we engage volunteers.“

- Karie Warnar, Healthcare and Community Development Consultant

Volunteer Management Software

Provide your community with the resources they need to build capacity and sustainability among your special events and nonprofit organizations.

Centralized Community Portal

Give your community a single destination to discover and engage in community activities that they can find meaningful and rewarding.

Community-Wide Social Impact Data

Measure, track, and celebrate what volunteering looks like in your community. Identify peak times, areas of service, and trends in your city and get a fuller picture of what engagement looks like in your community.

How can our platform transform your community?

Civic Engagement InfrastructureOur Civic Engagement Infrastructure can give your community the framework it needs to engage and empower its citizens. Build capacity for your event and program organizers, mobilize your residents, and build an ecosystem that strengthens and enriches your community. Contact us to learn more about how Tandempark can help your volunteer sector thrive.

Municipal Program

Speak with a member of our team for details

A volunteer what?

Tandempark is more than a volunteer centre. It’s more than volunteer management. It’s both. And it’s better.

Tandempark is a civic engagement platform, designed to help people work together to build strong, vibrant, connected communities. It helps organizations build, manage, and lead their volunteers, help peoples get connected and involved in their community, and helps cities measure, track, and celebrate their local social impact data.

Our platform uniquely combines the efficiency of cloud-based volunteer management software with the reach and effect of a network community. By building an online community around this software, Tandempark is driving engagement, supporting operations, and measuring impact like never before.

The difference is in the community.

Building on our platform’s management capabilities, Tandempark’s magic is how we tie the community together. Those management features are directly tied into a centralized volunteer portal, making it easy for people to get involved, without adding to your workload.

In fact, positions you create with Tandempark can be instantly published to our portal with a single click (literally, it takes ONE CLICK). Just like that, your volunteer needs can be added to our ever-expanding list of opportunities for our growing community of volunteers to discover. Or, just as easily, set them so only your approved volunteers can see them and sign up.

The very nature of our community engagement network is what makes this possible and it’s unlike anything else. With thousands of hours logged each year in our community, we’re thrilled to be helping people work together and are excited to see how you’ll shape the community.