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Volunteer management like you’ve never imagined.

Stop doing it alone. Stop doing it the hard way.

Whether you’re delivering vital services to those who need them most, or hosting the single-greatest festival event of all time, stop settling for makeshift solutions that complicate your day and slow you down. Join our community and let us help you become the Team Leader you know you can be.

Build the volunteer team you need, manage it with ease, and stop preventable problems from holding you back.

Common concerns like volunteer burnout and disengaged youth have no place deciding how effective your organization can be today or into the future. You need a system that naturally supports civic engagement and complements succession planning to ensure a sustainable future.

Bridging the gap between recruiting and managing.

Call us crazy, but we don’t think you came here to ‘manage’.

You’re here because you’re convinced that there has to be a better way. Well, you’re not alone. In fact, when it comes to running an effective volunteer program, many organizers feel overwhelmed and under-equipped. After all, the volunteer landscape is haunted by “If Only”. If only there were more funding,… more time,… more help…

We believe there is more than enough help in the world but there’s a problem in how we find it. ‘If only’ there were a way to help communities work together.

Oh, wait. There is.

As a large employer who relies on volunteers to a large extent, I know how difficult it can be to engage volunteers, to manage assignments, and to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to share resources. I am confident that the program Tandempark has designed will be a huge asset to organizations like ours.

– Kate Venn, VP Human Resources & Risk Management, YMCA Simcoe-Muskoka

Changing the way we change the world.

Volunteer Management Software to Drive Sustainability and Capacity.

Schedule, communicate, and coordinate your volunteer resources.

  • Tandempark uses the roles you create to build your volunteer roster and schedule frameworks for you.
  • Send email notices to your whole team, specific individuals, or groups you define.
  • Shift notices and reminders are automated to save you steps (and anxiety).

Centralized Volunteer Portal to Drive Engagement and Impact.

Promote new opportunities and attract engaged volunteers.

  • Stop anxiously waiting for volunteers to sign up. Tandempark helps you build a community of support that you can call upon and invite.

Social Impact Data to Drive Transparency and Future Funding.

Capture and report on volunteer engagement over time and across service areas.

  • Report to board members or apply for future funding. Providing quantitative data about your volunteer program is even easier with Tandempark.


We’ve created a volunteer engagement platform that helps organizations like yours recruit, manage, schedule, and communicate with your volunteers. Our capacity-building software and community-based approach is already helping people work together to do amazing things in their community. And with a stronger system in place, you’ll be better equipped to have a positive, lasting impact, too.

So, don’t be fooled…

This is no ordinary volunteer management software.

This is no ordinary volunteer management software.

Tandempark is fundamentally different because our perspective is so unique. Rather than create yet another ‘silo solution’ that solves the needs of the few, our solution looks at the macro-level issues and addresses them at an ecosystem-level, making the core functionality the epicentre for our volunteer network, an innovative shift in how the volunteer landscape interacts.

“Tandempark has disrupted our traditional views of how we engage volunteers.”

– Karie Warnar, Healthcare and Community Development Consultant


  • Effortless Opportunity Posting
  • Community Integration
  • Unlimited Opportunities
  • Public, Internal, and Hidden Opportunity Posting
  • Digital Sign Up System
  • Signup URL and QRCode


  • Individual Messaging
  • Team Communication
  • Email Blasts
  • New Role Announcements


  • Volunteer Rosters
  • Engagement Data
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Private Volunteer Notes
  • Private Volunteer Rating
  • Volunteer Contact Data
  • Volunteer Team Grouping


  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Instant Shift Notifications
  • Automated Reminders
  • Built-in Volunteer Confirmation 
  • GANTT Chart Coverage Overview

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Thinking bigger?

Civic Engagement InfrastructureWe have a municipal program that we’d love to tell you about. Contact us to learn more about how our Community-Wide Civic Engagement Infrastructure can help your local nonprofits thrive.

Municipal Program

Speak with a member of our team for details

A volunteer what?

Tandempark is more than a volunteer centre. It’s more than volunteer management. It’s both. And it’s better.

Tandempark is a civic engagement platform, designed to help people work together to build strong, vibrant, connected communities. It helps organizations build, manage, and lead their volunteers, help peoples get connected and involved in their community, and helps cities measure, track, and celebrate their local social impact data.

Our platform uniquely combines the efficiency of cloud-based volunteer management software with the reach and effect of a network community. By building an online community around this software, Tandempark is driving engagement, supporting operations, and measuring impact like never before.


Managing and coordinating existing volunteers can be a challenge in and of itself, but when we need to recruit new volunteers or report on activities, things can get missed and the community suffers.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Our platform has helped event organizers, volunteer managers, and program coordinators keep those balls in the air, letting our software do computery things, so you can do people things.

Do less of what you have to do and more of what you love to do.

Over time, recruiting, scheduling, and team communications have become increasingly complex. Our software provides an easy-to-use framework that simplifies and automates some of the biggest challenges in volunteer management.

Instead of wasting your days on data entry and emails, you can invest that time where it really matters – like developing, encouraging, and celebrating your amazing volunteer team.

The difference is in the community.

Building on our platform’s management capabilities, Tandempark’s magic is how we tie the community together. Those management features are directly tied into a centralized volunteer portal, making it easy for people to get involved, without adding to your workload.

In fact, positions you create with Tandempark can be instantly published to our portal with a single click (literally, it takes ONE CLICK). Just like that, your volunteer needs can be added to our ever-expanding list of opportunities for our growing community of volunteers to discover. Or, just as easily, set them so only your approved volunteers can see them and sign up.

The very nature of our community engagement network is what makes this possible and it’s unlike anything else. With thousands of hours logged each year in our community, we’re thrilled to be helping people work together and are excited to see how you’ll shape the community.