Want to make a difference? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re an eager volunteer or a big, gooey-hearted volunteer organizer, Tandempark is your first stop for getting involved and getting things done.

Bringing people and projects together.

Tandempark is an online volunteer platform that helps organizations recruit, schedule and communicate with their teams, while making it easier than ever for volunteers to discover and engage in local opportunities to strengthen and enrich their communities.  

Discover. Connect. Engage.

Tandempark’s centralized volunteer portal is much more than a list of opportunities. It’s a community of action. Discover how Tandempark can help you make a difference in the world.

Recruit. Schedule. Communicate.

Tandempark’s volunteer management software helps you build and manage the team you need so you can offer amazing programs and servicesLearn how Tandempark can help your program thrive and serve your community

“A system like Tandempark is valuable because it connects people and organizations already doing great work in the city. We see Tandempark being a key player in engaging volunteers and building capacity in our community.“


What makes Tandempark so different? 

When it comes to running a successful volunteer program, many organizers feel overwhelmed and under-equipped.

Tandempark is a volunteer engagement platform that helps non-profit organizations recruit, manage, and communicate with their volunteers so they can lead their teams and tackle the challenges they see in their community.

This software is in the core of our volunteer network that helps people who care about their community discover local opportunities to connect and engage with volunteer programs so we can all work together to strengthen and enrich our communities.


“This is a great example of the new kinds of infrastructure that municipalities can provide. Having the ability to easily recruit and manage volunteers, and helping to connect volunteers to opportunities that are aligned to their interests and skill sets, strengthens our community as a whole.”