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2020 – A Glimpse into the Future of Volunteer Management

What can volunteer coordinators look forward to in the year ahead? Our management and engagement platform has big ideas that we are really excited about. We’re revving up the engines for another year of exciting development and updates for our platform and how we serve you.  

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Tandempark’s expanded volunteer records have arrived!

Volunteer management just keeps getting better. We're excited to announce that this week, just a month after our last big release of 2.0, our developers have done it again and created another exciting update. With this new release, volunteer organizers can now update,...

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Major update means better volunteer management features

Announcing the biggest software update in Tandempark history. If you’ve spent any time around the Tandempark HQ, you’ve probably heard the three magical words we’ve been so excited about. Two. Point. Oh. That’s right. The biggest release in Tandempark history will be...

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What do we mean when we say silo solutions?

Why do 'silo solutions' fail for volunteer engagement? When we’re speaking with volunteer organizers, a phrase that often comes up is our notion of ‘silo solutions’. Typically, it’s met with an understanding nod, but occasionally, the response is different. In those...

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Tandempark Founder to lead session at FEO Conference

When it comes to running (and surviving) your festival, having a team you can depend on is crucial. But how do you build such a team of volunteers? We’ve seen many strategies in place. From accepting everyone with a pulse, to depending on friends and family...

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August is a Wrap! Three Months of smOffice!

So… Where do I begin? Well, to recap, last month we were excited to announce that Startup Barrie was on board and as our first ‘official’ organization member, which was awesome! Their enthusiasm for the way we are going to help with their volunteer management was only...

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Some exciting news from July

Lights, Cameras, TRACTION! This month has been incredibly encouraging as we’ve started approaching organizations and inviting them to join our community. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from several organizations that are very excited about the way we...

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Another Month of smAwesome – July Update

Another month has passed us by and I can hardly believe it! It's actually pretty crazy to stop and think about what has happened over the last 31 days, and a lot of it is thanks to the great support (and awesome perks) that being a smOffice winner has made available!...

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One Month of smOffice: One Month of SmAwesome!

Well, it’s been a month and look at us now! When Chad Ballantyne of the Creative Space told me the news that Tandempark was selected as a local smOffice winner, I knew it was a pretty exciting opportunity. Along with GetWyred and Jon Grootveldt’s vertical farming...

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