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A volunteer engagement platform to help you
RECRUIT, MANAGE, and COMMUNICATE with your volunteers

Be the Team Leader and Change Catalyst Your Community Needs.

Call us crazy, but we don’t think you came here to ‘manage’. You’re here because you’re a dreamer and you want to make a difference. Unfortunately, when it comes to running a successful volunteer program, many organizers feel overwhelmed and under-equipped. Maybe you can relate.

You’ve seen an injustice, a need, or an opportunity to make the world a little bit brighter and are frustrated with how hard progress can be. We understand. After all, the world of changemaking is haunted by “If Only”. If only there were more funding,… more time,… more help…

We believe there is more than enough help in the world but there’s a problem in how we find it. ‘If only’ there were a way to help communities work together. Oh, wait. There is.

Engagement Plus Management. Community Action Redefined. 

Tandempark is an innovative approach to volunteerism. We’ve created a volunteer engagement platform that helps organizations recruit, manage, and communicate with their volunteers so you can lead your teams and tackle the challenges you see in the community.

And by building a network community around these tools, we’ve made it even easier for people who care about their community to discover opportunities to connect and work together to strengthen and enrich the lives of others. With over 1,500 volunteers, already turning to Tandempark to find opportunities to get involved, we’re excited to help everyone work together to make a difference. 

“This is a great example of the new kinds of infrastructure that municipalities can provide. Having the ability to easily recruit and manage volunteers, and helping to connect volunteers to opportunities that are aligned to their interests and skill sets, strengthens our community as a whole.”



Connect your organization to a network of volunteers who want to be a part of the change you’re creating.


Recruit, schedule, and organize your volunteers so you can lead your team instead of just manage them.


Transform the way you communicate, interact and engage with your volunteer team.

A Volunteer Program that Makes a Difference.

We know it’s a challenge to nurture and maintain volunteer support and we’ve helped organizations like yours recruit and manage teams of caring and engaged volunteers. Our capacity-building software and community-based approach is already helping people work together to tackle the problems they see in their community and with a stronger system in place, you’ll be better equipped to have a lasting, positive impact, too.

Let’s work together for a change.
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Stop doing it on your own.
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Stop settling for makeshift solutions that complicate your day and slow you down. Join our community and allow us to help you become the Team Leader and Change Catalyst you aspire to be.

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