What does 2020 have in store for volunteer management?

As we turn our calendars to a new decade, it’s a great opportunity to get excited about the exciting year ahead. Perhaps you’re already gearing up to produce your best festival yet. Or maybe your organization is planning how you will best meet your mission and have the greatest impact in your community. The Tandempark Team is thinking about how we can help you make those plans a reality. That means we’re revving up the engines for another year of exciting development and updates for our platform and how we serve you.

2019 highlights.

Looking back over the last year, you might hardly recognize Tandempark. Some changes might have gone completely unnoticed while other changes were impossible to miss! We put a lot more information - and features- at your fingertips so you can better manage and organize your volunteer teams. Meanwhile, the scheduling interface underwent a complete redesign, transforming it from an admittedly cumbersome process to a seamless, dare I say ‘enjoyable’ experience.

We received incredible feedback from organizations who have expressed how helpful Tandempark has been in getting their team organized and better managed. Of course, we’ve also been very fortunate to hear suggestions for improvements, which have been the very foundation for many of the updates we’ve released already and those we have in store for the year ahead. And THAT brings us to:

What 2020 holds in store for your organization.

Software updates.

We’re already kicking off 2020 with some great updates to our volunteer management features. As a new organization joining Tandemark, you’ll be instantly greeted with a sample project and volunteer team to demonstrate how you can enjoy the platform. Similarly, we’ve also simplified the sign up process for organizations and volunteers so everyone can quickly get up and running and changing the world.

With these features complete, we will next be turning our attention to some exciting new management tools to help volunteer organizers better manage records and schedules… You’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Support & training.

A consistent comment we hear is that our volunteer management platform is incredibly easy and intuitive. That said, we also recognize that it is often very helpful to know where you can find answers for tasks you may not do everyday. As a result, we’re turning more attention to providing the best support and reference material we can. Over the coming months, our knowledge hub will be expanding to cover these tasks and make sure you have all the help you need. We hope these resources will give you the confidence you need to make the most of Tandempark and manage your volunteer team with excellence.

Wishing you all the best for 2020.

More powerful software and better resources to help you make the most of it - these are our resolutions for the year ahead and they are made with you in mind. We hope that whatever lofty, ambitious, or audacious goals you’ve set for yourself this year, what we’re doing at Tandempark makes it easier and even more enjoyable.

Live generously,


Liam Squires

Founder & CEO

Liam Squires is the founder and CEO of Tandempark, an online civic engagement platform that helps organizations recruit, manage, schedule, and communicate with their volunteers, while making it easier than ever for people to discover and engage in meaningful and rewarding activities. With a background in volunteerism, event management, education, and marketing, he has delivered talks and workshops on volunteer recruitment and engagement, entrepreneurship, and disruptive technology.

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