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To Build a Better and Brighter Tomorrow.

Want to get involved? Here’s how!

Tandempark has a range of awesome Community Partnership packages that help you support the not-for-profit sector. From the smallest of start-ups to major corporations, any corporate citizen can support and nurture an engaged and empowered volunteer community.

What do Community Partnerships mean to Tandempark?

We like to say that our community is powered our people and made possible by our partnerships. Being a Community Partner means you’re:

  • Investing in the community through enhancing access to powerful resources
  • Supporting all not-for-profit members by creating a cohesive ‘picket-fence’ community (instead of those nasty silos we’ve been working in)
  • Accelerating design and development of future services and features

And that makes you pretty awesome.

The need for partnerships?

While we do our very best to keep membership affordable, there will always be organizations who cannot find room in their already restricted budgets. Rather than turning them away, we believe there’s another way (that will still keep the creditors at bay). That’s why we offer a unique partnership option that allows you to step in and help out. They get to belong to an amazing community and you get recognized as the reason that is possible. Warm and fuzzies all around, right? Right.

More than just warm and fuzzies.

Now, because you’re awesome, and because we love to thank people who help their community, we’ll be doing our best to recognize your support in our various marketing initiatives. This includes web promotion, social media campaigns (maybe even a shout out during press releases), and material that you can proudly display at your office or storefront.

So, while the real reward is seeing your community grow, we’ve designed a few packages to help demonstrate our appreciation for your partnership and support. You’ll be showcased as an engaged corporate citizen among a demographic that is not only action-oriented but increasingly demanding that companies follow suit and support the community.

Ready to start? Need a bit more info?

Don’t be shy! Email our team and let us help you out!